Dimanche| Sunday| 13 Oct| 21h| 9pm


A BROKEN CAKE STILL A CAKE| Meng Wang| Chine, 2017| Fiction, 6’ |Mandarin ST En   

Nan’s mother raised her alone after her divorce, but because of her own personal limitations, she is heavily dependent on men. She is simple, chaste, eager to love and to be loved. She’s always changing her boyfriend, but every time she fails, she blames Nan. Because of this, Nan is picked on by classmates, and even gets into fights. Then comes her mother’s birthday…  

BLACK MAMBA| Amel Guellaty| Tunisie, 2017| Fiction, 20’| Arabe ST Fr-En  

Sarra, jeune fille de la classe moyenne de Tunis, mène, en apparence, la vie ordinaire que sa mère lui a tracée : elle prend des cours de couture et s’apprête à épouser un gentil garçon. Mais Sarra a d’autres plans inavoués à travers lesquels elle veut échapper à sa vie actuelle.

For Sarra, a middle-class girl from Tunis, everything seems to be going as her mother planned: she is taking sewing lessons and she is soon to be married to a good boy. But Sarra is hiding a dangerous plan with which she hopes to escape her current life.

DONZELLE| Marina Huffnaegel| Germany, 2018| Documentary, 19| Fr-En

Donzelle is ‘pussy-core kitsch-hop, trilingual party rap’ from Montréal. With almost hurting sincerity Roxanne Arsenault raps about life, love, men. The group plays with clichés and body consciousness. Obviously, they are having fun on stage. But is society ready to change its outlook on the female body and feminism itself?  

FUCK YOU| Anette Sidor| Sweden, 2018| Fiction, 15’| Swedish ST En    

Alice is together with Johannes but she doesn’t have enough space to be herself. On a night out with friends, she steals a strap-on and challenges her boyfriend’s thoughts about girls.

JUCK| Olivia Kastebring, Julia Gumpert, Ulrika Bandeira| Sweden, 2018| Documentaire, 17’34 | Swedish ST En

Juck (literally Hump) is the dance group that made its breakthrough in a 2013 viral video, where they pushed the limits for how the female body is allowed to express itself and make a statement. Since then they have ›humped‹ all over the world. A film that swings between documentary, dance and fiction asks the question, ›What is femininity?

LE CLITORIS| Lori Malépart-Traversy| Canada, 2016| Animation, 3’|Fr – En

Les femmes sont chanceuses, elles possèdent le seul organe du corps humain qui sert uniquement au plaisir : le clitoris!

Women are lucky, they get to have the only organ in the human body dedicated exclusively for pleasure: the clitoris!

ME-LOG| Eni Brandner| Autriche, 2018| Animation expérimental, 7| Allemand ST En   

Me-Log is a reflection on artificial and medial identities that we create of ourselves – how these exaggerated images manipulate our consciousness and influence the perception of ourselves and others.